Manufactured in Southwest Ohio and shipped nationwide, TUF-N-LITE forms, form ties and window systems are made from high quality aluminum and steel and have been designed by veterans of the poured wall industry.

Our stamped steel ties are made from certified U.S. steel and traceable by serial number. All batches are tested for tensile strength and bend characteristics so that you have a tie that breaks the way you want, and pulls the way you need it to.

Designed by contractors for contractors, TUF-N-LITE provides quality, American made concrete forming products at competitive prices.



Quality Forming Products Made in the USA

Aluminum Forms & Hardware

Smooth and brick face aluminum forms in 6-12 and 8-8 hole pattern styles, cap forms, laydown forms, special use forms and bulkheads. We manufacture form orders to your specifications.

Curved and straight wedges, walers, pins, corners and more. We carry a wide selection of concrete form accessories to keep your business moving.


Our Snap-In window system can be used for regular hopper or slider style or egress basement windows. The one-piece bucks creates a sill and retainer that our windows securely snap into. 

We also have the window wells, grates, covers and ladders that you need to complete whichever basement window type you are installing.

Form Ties

We carry a full range of stamped ties in nominal and full sizes. Our stamping plant can fulfill any order from single boxes to truck load.


Our special round end ties are safer for workers to use and less likely to catch on clothing or cut form setters.

Custom ties are available on request.

TUF-N-LITE can help your business grow. Ask us how: