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Tiltwall Headquarters has a deep history rooted in Texas and have expanded nationwide. Tiltwall Headquarters developed proprietary software to analyze stresses and design temporary bracing for tiltwall panels.  The software produces drawings that can be used in the field to place the necessary items to be cast into the panels.

Tiltwall Headquarters also led the way by having their software generate a panel summary on each project that contained comprehensive information useful for obtaining quantities of material along with data beneficial for panel erection/crane-rigging.  Included in the summary are concrete volumes, panel weights, bond breaker requirements and much more.

Additional innovations made by Tiltwall Headquarters include the production of color-coded “Panel Books” in an 11 X 17 format that were easy to read and handle, as well as, “Paper Doll” drawings that could be cut out with scissors and placed on a floor plan in the most efficient order for the crane to erect panels. Tiltwall Headquarters also introduced modular strongbacks (for stiffening panels that are too weak to lift alone) and Plasti-Nails®.  These little gray plastic nails are used to hold forming wood to the casting bed; they are then “sheared-off” with a specially provided tool that eliminates patching the holes in the slab.

Today, all these innovations are still being used, and are what sets Tiltwall Headquarters apart from all others.

1. Product overview

A Tilt-Up project site is a busy place. Everything must run on schedule and to plan to succeed. Planning or delivery mistakes can lead to costly delays and rework.

Tiltwall Headquarters can help you keep your project on track. Our design and estimation services can start your project out right. Our quality bracing and forming materials will keep your crew busy and efficient.

Tiltwall Headquarters has a proven track record in the Tilt-Up construction industry. From industry standard designs to custom jobs, we have the tools and experience to plan and provide for your Tilt-Up, Precast or Masonry project.

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